Monday Motivation: Trust and Believe.

Good Morning America! I have to tell you about my amazing weekend! I hate to sound to like I’m bragging but it was so awesome I had to share.

I’ve been slowly but surely (barely P.O.P holding it down) starting a closet organization and personal shopping business. This weekend kicked off my very first closet organization session and it went surprisingly well.

Why you gotta be so rude…

But for some weird reason, I was so incredibly nervous as I began working on my client’s closet. I kept hearing a nagging little voice in my head questioning every move I made. What are you doing?  Do you even know what you are doing?  Are you even good at this? You sound like an idiot (Well aren’t you the rudest little voice ever?).

As the hours flew by, I started to feel more and more comfortable with my work and the process overall. All those nagging voices started to disappear and be pushed out by God’s voice telling me “This is what you were meant to do, this is your gift, helping people”. “Take comfort in knowing THAT this is your destiny” (Well okayyyyyyy God, I hear you).

I know that sounds like I’m trying to sound deep, spiritual and rose colored lense-like, but it was the truth. His words begin to give me the deepest sense of relief and peace that I desperately needed.

At the end 2013, I quit my job to stay at home with my lovely toddlers and start this business. Following that decision, although my family was much happier, it seemed like our finances started to fall apart. 2014 became one of the worst years financially our family has had in a long time. I constantly questioned my decision of leaving my job everyday.

This year however, as things everyday come together piece by piece, I now finally get it. I understand everything my family went through to get to this moment. Working towards my purpose was not easy, but when I arrived I immediately felt all the pieces fall into place.

As I finished bagging up old clothes and reasoning with my client why it was time to throw things away, for the first time in my life I could tell myself that “You were meant to do this” and actually I BELIEVED it was the truth.

So yes what an ahmazing feeling it is when Belief, Purpose and Peace all come together and fall into place in our lives. I just had to share my story for those of you who might be starting a business, quitting your job or any other type of risk like myself. Trust God, don’t worry and know that you will see the purpose in the struggle you may face right now.


Not sure why I’m preaching (#churchflow) on my blog this morning but just wanted you guys to know all the pieces will eventually fall into place for you, even if you can’t see it happening.

There’s an instaquote that says, “Work Hard, Stay Sweet, Trust God, Love Deep”. I’m not sure who wrote this, but I feel you my sister (or brother). All you can do is TRUST and BELIEVE and peace will follow.

Now get out there everyone and do your work! Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Pinterest