Oh my God, I’m thirty (one)

G’day folks. Happy Monday we’ve made it one more week into this gift called life.

A had one heck of a wake up call last week. I was chomping down on some my favorite snicky snacks and bam a part of my tooth chipped off. And it wasn’t even a hard snack I think it might have been a freaking marshmallow.

I was freaking the freak out. I called my husband, the realist, and asked him why is this happening! He politely reminded me that we are getting older and that its all downhill from the this point. 

It’s true, my body has been quitting on me left and right. The next day I woke up with a large knot in my back that would not go away. I had to rub my own back (in this economy) up against a wall for a massage.

And then next day my legs gave out and were weak from just WALKING! Not even running just walking in a straight line in the park. By the time the weekend came I felt like (and looked) Quasimodo from Notre Dame.

Not sure what happens to body when you turn thirty, but I think the main thing I’ve realized about aging is that if you want feel healthy you have to work for it.

Gone are the days you can pull an all nighter and then sleep it off for a hour. Naw girl bye. We need a full 8 hours or there will be hell to pay the next day.

And that’s pretty much life nowadays right? When we were young, it was a little easier for some of us in different aspects of our lives (finances, school, exercise etc.) Guess what?  Those days are over y’all!

In my thirties, I feel like I have to fight to get anything done.I have to extra work hard for everything whether it’s a better body, starting a business or achieving my goals.

But I also have realized when you reach a certain age, you see more clearly that your time on this earth is limited. So while I am physically able I HAVE to do the work NOW!

I once heard a pastor preach from the moment you’re born you are dying as you get older. Although at first, it was weird to hear him preach that word but eventually his message became clearer to me and I saw that his message was true. Aging is just the dying of cells in our bodies. As more cells die, we grow older.

So essentially once you are born, its pretty much over from the start. We only get one life to live. One ride on this rodeo. And I’m going to make sure each day I make the most of it and make every minute count.

I pretty much say this on my blog every week, excuse me  while l  speak things into existence.
If you have dreams and goals, #dontwait get started because we don’t have much time.

My biggest fear isn’t failing at my goals, but getting older and looking back realizing that I wasted my life not even trying to reach my goals.

So let my body breakdown of last weekend serve as a reminder, the clock is ticking. If there’s something you want to do in life, DO IT NOW! Don’t waste your time worrying, use your time wisely and make every minute count.

I’m done preaching y’all. Let the church doors open and please put your offering in the bucket if you came in late! Enjoy.

And to sum exactly life in your thirties click here


3 thoughts on “Oh my God, I’m thirty (one)

  1. Oh em gee! I just turned 31 in July and I can totally attest to everything in this post! No lie a few months before my 30th birthday I found 2.5 grey hairs. And by the 31st birthday (last month) I now have 4. Not to mention that the .5 strand is getting longer… *sigh* [Momma never said there’d be days like THIS. *side eye*]

    My knees, my back and I have a 14 month old and 4 year old so throw them in the line up and you have one broke down sista! Lol!

    But your truth is golden: Live life in its full existence NOW. I’m back in the gym, working on writing more and really focused on my legacy (since turning 31).

    Awesome (revelation) post!


    1. Thank you so much!!!! Yes the struggle is so real, but at least we are able to struggle and live everyday! Thank your kind words, it’s sooo hard to keep writing everyday with such busy lives but we can do it!! Or at least give a try!!!!

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