What’s Trending Tuesday! Night Edition!

As a housewife, sometimes I forget what it feels like to have an adult conversation.  Whenever I am able go out with friends (when I get granted parole from my daughter the Warden), I find myself a little clueless with pop culture and/or big moments in Fashion if I’m unable to surf the internets or check Facebook before heading out! I can barely type this post with out tears falling or a naked body running around (sounds like a payday at a Strip Club).

I hate that we live in a FOMO (Fear.Of.Missing.Out.) society. It’s most likely a result of all the damb over-sharing we experience on a daily basis. I wouldn’t be surprise if people stathats-too-much-informationrted sharing their pap smears by Skype in the near future.(Wow your ovaries look viable, Congrats).

So for us busy moms (or busy people) who have no time to catch up or scroll through their FB timeline, here’s the top five things happening in the world of fashion that will keep you in the loop when at the dinner table with your cool, well-dressed and kid-less friends (they’re beautiful unicorns).


Ooh Kanye you wrong for this..

I think its’ time to have an style intervention with Kim Kardashian. Don’t get me wrong, I actually love the way Kim has been dressing lately. She embodies the “just cause I had a baby doesn’t mean you die and your clothing choices should too” look that I love sooo much. I even recreated my own “Kimspired” look for my Instagram page. But as of late, something has gone terribly awry! Kim has signed on to be the new face of the Eau de Death Eaters (smells like grave yards and regret).

And somewhere Draco Malfoy is pissed and is ready to lip-synch for his life on RuPaul’s Drag Race. Did you see him “sissy that walk” when he ran off with his parents in the last Harry Potter? Fierce! I wish that movie would have ended in a walk off between him, Potter and Voldermort. Oh my god, my life would have completed its purposgiphyrupaule. I’ll stop, this is a conversation for another day.

Kimmie debut her bleach blond look this past weekend during Paris Fashion Week. I hope she scales it back a little though on the hair and sheer dresses soon. I love seeing her unconventional outfits (or at least the ones Kanye tells her to wear) but her new hair-do is distracting. But I’ll give my girl some slack, celebrities must do LOTS OF CRAY to stay in the limelight. Let’s thank the Lord above that at least its’ just hair this week.


Image Source: The Guardian
Well effing done.

Karl Lagerfeld turned his Chanel runway into a GIANT STARBUCKS! Okay Im kidding it was a recreation of french Cafe. The New York Times called it “Breakfast at Chanel”. In the show, they actually handed out real life snacks AND juice which of course I’m sure no one ate. It seriously was the most ahmazing runway show I’ve ever seen in a while. When its’ Paris Fashion week, DESIGNERS GO ALL THE WAY IN THE PAINT. And by paint, some poor souls literally stayed up all week building a real life La Madeleine (give me some Apple Bread now) all for 12 minute show. That has to hurt in the deepest of all places in your body but hopefully they got paid some serious coin.


Speaking of Paris Fashion week, OMG there was Zoolander reunion in Valentino show last night (or this morning). Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson gave serious face while hitting the runway to promote Zoolander Part Deux, which comes out February 2016.  I have to be honest and say that I haven’t seen the greatest film ever made in its’ entirety. I’m pretty sure when I watched it, I was making out with my high school boyfriend at the time (speaking of oversharing).

What say we settle this on the runway… Han-Solo? Are you challenging me to a walk-off… Boo-Lander? Image Source: Vogue.com

But I think I got the gist of the film. Fierce walks, epic stares and heavy eyeliner. Got it. This isn’t the first time a designer used celebrities to promote their runway shows. And in this world of “advertise things anywhere you can” I’m sure it won’t be the last time either.


Here’s another list inside of my already top five list because I am woman who talks and types in A.D.D tangents:

1. Gingham 2.White on White 3.Yellow 4.Wide Leg Denim and 5.Shirt Dresses.

Image Source: Google

If you don’t have any these trends in your closet for Spring 2015, go ahead and volunteer as tribute. I’m kidding, next week I’ll post my outfits of the top trends of Spring 2015 and tell you where and how to find them.

And for my number ONE Trend for Tuesday:

THIS BLOG! No honestly, I ran out of fashion things to say but I want everyone to take the time look at what’s happening at the White House, Oklahoma and Madison,Wisconsin. Personally, I use fashion as my escape method, but there’s nothing wrong keeping up with current world events either. Its’ tough watching the news right now. As soon as the world starts getting stupid, I log onto Pinterest, drink a glass of wine and pull the covers over my head. But as human beings, we should stay informed on more than the superficial things of life.

Tell me when its over Jesus.

So if you want your Fashion information with a side of humor, current world news and glass of sweet tea (mixed with Vodka) come back and visit my page. The world is too complex for everything to be about clothes. Fashion can be amazing pieces of walking art but in the end it’s just clothes. Okay now you’ve been informed.Go to your fancy dinners this week if you’re lucky and try to make it past 9pm. Enjoy.


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