Homeless Chic? Wayment….that’s not a real thing is it?

*Disclaimer: Being homeless is not funny, but dressing like your homeless when you in fact YOU ARE NOT HOMELESS is hilariously ironic and just sad. I’m completely guilty of dressing this way all the time, so bear with me. If you’re feeling guilty about the chuckles you may have while reading this, check out this link regarding the epidemic of homelessness in our very own America the Beautiful..(yes this article will induce a case of side eyes).

Did you enjoy your weekend? How did it feel stretching out and rolling over in your nice comfy beds? I spent yet another restless night sleeping in the fetal position on my sister’s sofa. As I previously stated, we are currently couch crashing, patiently waiting to move into our remodeled home.
When we first started our adventure in homelessness, I neatly folded all of our clothes in cute colorful (and OCD labeled) tupperware boxes. But as the days go by, my organization is going to sh$t. Now I find myself stuffing our clean clothes in black unmarked garbage bags (2% try). The tiny hall closet where we housed our crap is starting to resemble a place where someone keeps dead bodies (I think we all know who’s responsible).

Look Mommy this I where I keep the bodies....
Look Mommy this is where I keep the dead bodies…

I’ve been wearing my clothes in layers like I don’t know where I will lay my head at night (prostitution training 101). But I don’t care! Judge Me not Ye world! I’ve been rocking the homeless chic look for years. It’s the look that starts in the Fall where hipsters (or blipsters in my case) will add layer after layer until we look like the bargain bin at a Goodwill.

But to prevent a layering-apocalypse (and side eyes from my family) I’ve decided to keep out only a few items and recycle them over the next week. I also purchased a gray hoodie and a white v-neck to toss in the clothing rotation for sanitation purposes. Although frustrating, this situation has help me realize so many things:

1.I have too many damn clothes. (Denial is one hell of a drug)

2.I could make a pallet with my clothes if I was ever homeless for real.
(Look it’s pillow of debt and sadness where my tears will fall)

3. To make great outfits you don’t need a lot of clothes.

NOW wayment!!! Even though I own a ridiculous amount clothing, I’ve always been very “anti-I need a new outfit every time I step outside”.

I believe, when shopping for clothes, focus your attention on buying pieces you can wear repeatedly. A nice white v-neck and some jeans can take you further than any pair of tribal prints leggings could ever take you (I will be discussing this epidemic in a future blog).

These are the pieces I used :

A trash bag of wonderful...
A trash bag of wonderful..

So below I’ve posted looks rotating the pieces above. I’ve managed to whip out four looks. I could have made more outfits, but I spent most of my day being held hostage by two toddlers with sharp toys as weapons (someone dial 911).



I managed to scrounge up some accessories to complete the looks. And I challenged myself to only use two pairs of shoes.



Now I challenge YOU to go in your closets! Grab 2 pairs of shirts, 2 pairs of pants and a layering piece (a jacket or vest) and see how many outfit combinations you can come up with!

Feel free to post or comment pics of your outfit combinations. This little activity can also be beneficial in better preparing you and your family for work or school (with yo late selves).

Take my adventure in homelessness as a lesson. Half of the crap we think we need, we actually don’t! Sometimes you just need a little creativity and some time on your hands.

Think about the clothes you own and their purpose. Can you wear an item more than once? Is it versatile and be worn in different ways? If not, get a large black garbage bag and give it way. Another man’s trash is another one’s treasure. Enjoy.

Dress. Leather Pants. Vest:

Tee and Sweatshirt:
Good ol’ Rugged Warehouse.


Leather Sweats


Buffalo Print Scarf

Polka Dot Dress

Military Vest

Yep in my White Tee!


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