Well look what the cat dragged in….its procrastination season.

Fall is that you?.. I couldn’t tell by the seventy five degree weather we’re having in the south. Normally about this time I would be throwing all my summer shiz a in box never to look back. Unfortunately to my dismay, the sun is still beaming on my back like Sallie Mae looking for a check.

Coincidentally, the hubs and I are currently crashing at my sisters’ house living out of four tupperware boxes waiting to move into our house that’s being remodeled. I don’t know which way is up and if my shirt is on backwards (which it was all day yesterday until my sister came home and gave me the 411). Woe is me, first world problems, blah blah….

This leaves me recycling the same jeans four days in a row (Ew girl you’re nasty.. I know..Judge away!). But I’ve been switching up my looks with whatever tops and jackets that are easily accessible. Since we’re stuck in the groundhog days of summer/fall it’s kind of nice to just switch a top or two around and voila it looked like I cared.

So today I’m posting my favorite fall transition outfit. I found this red flannel at the thrift store in the kids section! It’s thick enough to wear as a jacket, but thin enough to wear as a shirt when you wear a tank underneath.

Lumberjack Love...Get u some
Lumberjack Love…Get u some

It’s my new best friend and super on trend for fall. Don’t pay forty five dollars at American Eagle for these shirts either. You can find them in any “hardworking man” department of Walmart (you know what I’m talking about too.) I’ve paired my shirt with my four day stinky boyfriend jeans, a grey oversize tee, and a statement necklace. I wear the shirt around my waist until it gets cool enough to wear as a jacket in the evening. It’s a simple outfit solution to combat this crazy weather. Enjoy.


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